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Okay guys, my new blog is, http://cosmic—

incase any of you are confused i was previously madgirlbackhome, my heartisahorcrux, like-a-river, and ages ago, in—wonderland. 

i’m deleting this blog.

follow me if you want to. i’ll be following all of you back.

:) xx

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Lauren, I'd be so honored if you'd follow me :D
I just love your blog sooooo much,<3

I’ll definitely follow you, you’re a great person and your blog is gorgeous!

thankyouuuu :D x

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Even if you don't want to follow me Lauren, oh find a way to tell me your new blog name! Your blog is my FAVORITE. ~xo

I do follow you. i’m quite sure i do anyway because i adore your blog, haha

i’ll follow you when i create it which will be hopefully soon :)

thankyou! xx

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I would like to follow your new blog, please. :3

I’ll follow you when i create my new blog..or i might just put the name of it on here, not sure yet :) but i definitely will follow you!

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I would be most excited to follow your excellent new blog :)

:D :D 

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Follow me please! (:

sure thing :)

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Id love to follow your new blog! x

yay :D i’ll follow you when i create it

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please, please follow me, comebackasfire, aka madgirlback home, aka myheartisahorcrux, aka like-a-river, aka in--wonderland, aka lauren.
i love your blog so much, it's amazing.

aww :) i will definitely follow you back, no worries!

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I’m deleting this blog, because my email is being weird..and i don’t even know.

so if you want me to follow you on my new blog, please message me or like this post?

i’d appreciate it. x

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fyi, i changed my url & icon. this is lauren, aka madgirlbackhome & myheartisahorcrux :)

i’ll be changing my url again soon.

i thought i was hacked, hence why i changed it.

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